Is a beautiful woman in your opinion

Asked one-day philosophers ((is a beautiful woman in your opinion?)) Replied:

((I can not describe to women ... but I when I can see it felt))
Perhaps the truth of this, because Beauty philosopher madame stems from the inside before the outside appearance ... stems from the sweet word ... smile tortured ... of Hamsa caring ... the treatment of thin ... of kindness and love ..
The old saying: foliage, water, and good side. Believes many women that beauty is the beauty of the outer shape. However, the real beauty is the beauty of the soul, which is reflected in the form of a woman outside .. If beauty stems from the spirit we see beautiful even if they are not ...
If a woman wants to be beautiful and beloved, it has to make itself and beautiful spirit first, until he sees the beautiful people .. as you love what you feel in themselves and be satisfied without that enviable women beautiful ...
And without trying to imitate Balakharaat .. This does not mean to ignore Maaliha of shortcomings ... but means to address these shortcomings as much as possible ... as we have to focus our attention more care fully in everything
The special deal to become beautiful

Osilt for beautiful women to say: that if it came somewhere even moments ... left a beautiful trail in the soul ... and could not all who saw her forget ..

And finally .... beautiful greetings every beautiful woman
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