Animal skin patterns to your style but with conditions

Fashion is inspired by animal skins (both spotted cheetah planned or snake skin or zebra) of the fashions that are not subject to a specific time and differ only from time to time in the colors and design method animal skin patterns. To Tjaddeda look and Tadhafa him attend force uniforms decorated with carvings animal skin, you will need to take into account some important points to show in the most beautiful appearance.

Need fashion inspired by animal skins to the accuracy and careful in their choice so it does not seem look inconsistent or exaggerated. One of the most important points that you should consider when you wear animal skin patterns that Tnsaga between them and wear so as not to adversely affect the lack of coordination on your appearance seems distracted the eye. For example, if you wear a blouse with carvings animal skin, let the skirt cushion in neutral colors.

Despite the magnificence of fashion ornate carvings animal skins, but it determines the choice of accessories either jewelry or shoes and bags. So, on my own patterns and colors in the shoes and bags with the trend towards simplicity himself to the rest of your look, for example, is not appropriate to wear a dress of silk leopard skin decorated with carvings necklace with multi-colored beads!

With it is known that fashion motifs carved animal skins suit your look in Alkhrojat and not familiar at work but that you can now do to add to your appearance in the work piece such inscriptions. But taking into account that one piece, and be bold carvings. Strive to be the rest of the items of clothing colors is very quiet and very simple cushion.
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