High heels and its impact on the woman's mind

Swedish doctors have warned women to "wear high heels constantly, as they may suffer some kind of change in the chemical compounds in the body that affect the safety of the mind has been driven to madness and high Hezovirnia," pointing out that "high heels affect Women go crazy, because it put pressure on the instep and taste great tension in the feet, making it run improperly turn off the spigot nerve receptors in the muscles of the foot of the compound dopamine release is important for the safety of the mind, which leads in the end to her madness and high rates of infection Bcezovrnia. "

As I mentioned a medical study that "women wear high heels for more than 5 cm for a period of five days a week, change of lengths of the bones of the leg Fiksr calf by 13% on average, tendon and muscles become firmer by 20% all natural. "

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