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Christian Dior fashion charming - a total of Resort 2013 - 2013 Dior dresses Kristaan

The fashion world is full of contradictions, a world where the future is reflected in the past and outs ahead of time. This is the case when a lot of creative fashion designers, and in particular this is the case in the fashion house Christian Dior, who oversees the designer his designs, "Ralph Simmons," which recently took office as director of creative fashion house known this. Has recently offered a total of 2013 Rizort week prior to display a total of sewing for the high-fashion house, so that oversaw the design Almussam "Bill Gaitn" who held the post temporarily and who followed the career Almussam former fashion house Dior, "John Giuliano."

In his designs, he returned, "Bill Gaitn" to the traditional design for a total of Rizort, it can be a vision in his designs through his focus on Gaktat that discriminate have cut wide at the waist, which is renowned for the fashion house Dior in the late forties of the last century, where these designs based on group all of them. To be sure, there was a lot of simplistic modern designs in the group so that there was a mitigation of creativity in designs to highlight the design section between the waist and hips in dresses skirts group. Invites you to tan to look actually this new group which is one of the most important groups for season 2013.

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