Teen Choice Awards Embarrassement: Actress Francia Raisa Has A ‘Marilyn Moment’ When Wind Blew Up Her Dress!

After enduring endless fittings and then your stylist gives you the go ahead. You say to yourself finally, ‘I’m ready to go’ thinking all the mistakes and errors that could possibly go wrong have been iron over before your big red carpet appearance.
Wrong!! A gusty wind comes along (you can’t control) and rob you of your precious modesty while pretending to smile intensely in front a sea of camera dudes like nothing just happened.
Actress Francia Raisa had to endure all that public embarrassment on the red carpet of the 2012 teen choice awards.
Looking pretty in a double strap metallic short dress with matching peep toe platform sandals she appear in her element until WINDGATE.
View how it unfolded…

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