Forms of a woman's body - Know your body shape

Women body shapes are usually classified as Ruler or Apple, Hour Glass, Spoon or Pear. On the other hand, men are categorized under Cone, Apple or Ruler shapes. Read on to discover more about women body shapes.
Pear shaped women generally have broader hips compared to their bust, cone shaped women are heavier at the top when compared with their bottoms, ruler shape hardly have any curves, apple shaped women are heavier at the waist, and the hourglass figure is the perfect women body shape where the bottom and top match perfectly with a slim waist line.


How to Determine Your Women Body Shape?

The most suitable and easy way to identify your body structure is to just stand in front of the mirror and analyse the figure. Try to identify the shape which your body resembles: cone, ruler, apple, hour glass, spoon or pear shaped.

Measure Your Body


To understand and ascertain your body shape better, you must measure the size of your body parts such as hips, waist and chest. But before you start measuring, it is advised to exhale in order to get the accurate measurements. Also, remember that you must take your waist measurements 1 inch above the belly button. Also, measure your hips across the widest section. It is best if you seek the help of someone to measure in order to get the exact and accurate numbers.
Women Body Shapes – The Different Types

  • Apple Shape:

    If the waist size measures larger than the chest and hip.
  • Triangle (Conical) Shape:

    In most cases, the waist and the bust are the same but the hips are nearly 'nine inches smaller' than the chest. The normal measurement is the waist is less than 9†smaller than the bust and the bust is 3.6†or larger than the hips.
  • Rectangle (Ruler) Shape:

    In this shape, there is no much difference in the measurements of hips, bust and waist. The waist size is less than 'nine inches' smaller than the bust.
  • Spoon or Pear Shape:

    There is a wide difference between the bust and hips measurement as well as waist and chest measurement. The waist size is less than the 9.25†smaller than the bust and hips are nearly 'two inches' larger than the bust.
  • Hourglass Shape:

    This figure is known as the one of the best women body shapes. In this shape, the hips and bust measurements are almost the same circumference, but the bust can be at least 'one inch' larger than the hips. Also, the waist is much more smaller. A woman is said to have the perfect hourglass figure, if there is a 'nine inch' difference between the 'waist and hips' and 'waist and the bust

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