Dresses Longer at Back is a Tail Hem as Women Spring Fashion Trend 2012

Dresses longer at back or tail hem is a traditionalĂ‚ piece that is shorter on one side, with a longer piece on the back, because it this style called longer back. However in 2011 the fashion trend is not just tail hem, but also how to use tail hem. And all of that is on Dresses Longer at Back is a Tail Hems as Women Spring fashion Trend 2012.

Some call it as Shirttail hem, tapered hem, cutaway hem or whatever you want to call these styles. In fact longer dresses at back or skirts longer at the back continued their path to get into the trend of all of us, and thus become a major trend in 2011 fashion trend. Dresses longer at the back or tail hem is a simple way to make fresh your spring wardrobe with a new type of cut
The appeal of dresses longer at back or tail hem is because of this playful. Especially if it is cut like an untucked shirt or oversized tee. One side coveys the elegance of length, while the other hints at something more revealing.

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