Cinderella shoe dream come true

How many girls as she read the story of Cinderella wished if it had a glass or her shoes until at least saw him. It seems that the security will be achieved finally beautiful by fashion house Christian Louboutin. It was agreed between him and Walt Disney to design a pair of Cinderella as part of planning to do a film about Cinderella will be displayed in the month of October.

Indeed, it was the unveiling of the design of shoe Cinderella Kharafi fiber glass. The designer chose to Baldantil and adorned with crystal in the form of butterflies do not seem so strange in the form of foot transparent glass completely. And also to add a touch of femininity tyrant. The shoe Christian Louboutin mark a distinctive red sole.

House and will not sell Christian Louboutin shoes but design 20 additional copy of it to select 20 Cinderella around the world. Will you be one of them??

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