3 steps to revive the quick scent of your hair

After a few days to wash the hair and styling Palmajafv, the scalp secretes a range of oils that cause a bad smell in the formation of the hair, causing you distress and discomfort, especially if you're not Got a sufficient time for washing and styling once again in the same week.

So here are some tips that help revitalize the smell of your hair again without the need to wash it with water.

1 - Salti cold air it

Cold air helps to open the external layers of the hair, Vtaattaar odors to the outside by the outstanding, helping to revive the smell of your hair. Use a powder on the cold air on your hair with Sultah move it to a period of not less than 5 minutes

2 - Use a dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo from the magical solutions to absorb the oils in the scalp and eliminate bad smell of your hair without using a drop of water, look for the type of provider smell good and Pour it on the scalp according to the instructions on the package.

3 - Pour a little of the fragrance.3

In case of non availability of dry shampoo you have, your best perfume, Pour in the open air and then go in your head in the corona, which are made by perfume, with alcohol content will get rid of perfume odor, the smell of your hair will take on the beautiful fragrance.

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